Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jacob's Walk Of Life

Guwe kepingin pergi mende alah ni weekend ni..


Thank you for showing your interest in helping us shape a healthier Malaysia.

Due to overwhelming response for Jacob's Walk Of Life, the online registration is now closed but don't be alarmed. We're having an on the spot registration so simply show up on the day of event itself. Try to show up early because goodie bags and t-shirts are limited to the first 500 walk-ins on a first come first serve basis.

Here are the details of when and where.
21 June 2009 (Sunday)
Taman Metropolitan, Kepong

Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and of course bring your whole family.
We're excited and we can't wait. See you there!

Tapi guwe mau pergi jugekss!! Jom Mazli kite g nak..dekat jerr kat Highway Sampah tu je..


nizam_5282 said...

Ini minggu sabtu ahad packla... Sabtu nak pegi Ulu Yam, enjoy enjoy... Ahad nak gi follow boss coti2 Mesia... kalau malam free la... :))

» NAJA « said...

kalo malam baik guwa lepak rumah jerk..lagi ade makna dan berpekdah :p

Sila jgn jeles :p

nizam_5282 said...

Perlukah aku jeles?

taichee~@! said...

waaa i miss alot of ur stories~@!
Belated congrats on your wedding day!

Pffft me is lambat. :p

» NAJA « said...

thanks lah Sis..
tapi kalau nak anta wedding gift masih belum terlambat :p