Monday, December 2, 2013

Top Malaysian Girls' Names 2013

1. Nor
Nor has been the most popular name for baby girls year after year. Indeed, in Muslim-majority Malaysia, where Nor is usually the first name in double- or triple-name combinations, it is unlikely that Nor would ever be toppled off its top spot.

2. Sophia
From the Greek meaning "wisdom", Sophia has surged in popularity, from No. 15 in our 2010, No. 5 in 2011, and No. 3 in 2012.

3. Alicia
Like Sophia, Alicia has steadily made gains every year. In 2010, Alicia ranked No. 7; in 2011, she climbed to No. 6; in 2012, she climbed up one more to No. 5. Go Alicia!

4. Damia
Damia is a favourite name for baby girls amongst Muslim parents in Malaysia.

5. Zara
As a multicultural favourite, Zara has a firm place in our top names list every year. Zara has two meanings: as a form of Sarah, meaning "princess"; and, the Arabic zahr, meaning "flower".

6. Aishah
The name of the wife of the Prophet, Aishah is a favourite name for Muslim parents.

7. Hannah
Hannah comes from the Hebrew name Channah meaning "grace" or "favour". Again, its popularity amongst the various ethnic communities in Malaysia ensures it has a place in the top 25 every year.

8. Adelia
Another multicultural winner, Adelia has German origins meaning "noble kind or type", but it is also a genus of flowering plants.

9. Alya
From the Arabic "exalted", Alya has consistently had a place in our top 25 names.

10. Irdina
Irdina improved on her first appearance last year, where she was in 14th place.

11. Puteri
A Malaysian classic but a newcomer to our list, Puteri (the Malay word for "princess") makes a strong debut, especially as the first of double- or triple-name combinations.

12. Sara
A favourite of parents in Malaysia's various ethnic communities, Sara, from the Hebrew for "princess" is another multicultural winner we see year after year.

13. Dhia
Dhia made her debut at No. 17 last year. We found it often used as a second or third name for Malay-Muslim babies.

14. Humaira
Humaira is said to be the nickname the Prophet gave to his wife Aishah. It looks like Humaira peaked at No. 8 in 2011.

15. Khadijah
Khadijah is another classic name propelled to the top by the trend for retro names. Arabic in origin, it means "early child" or "premature baby".

16. Rania
Rania started rising in the baby name ranks when Queen Rania of Jordan came into prominence. Finally, the name breaks through the top 25. Welcome!

17. Arissa
Arissa has made every top names list on BabyCenter Malaysia since 2009. Interestingly, in 2011, it was also No. 17 before rising up to ranks to make No. 10 last year.

18. Raihana
Raihana, the female version of Raihan, which means "heaven's flower", makes it to the top 25 for the first time.

19. Safiya
Since making her debut at No. 10 in 2011, Safiya (Arabic for "pure") seems to be slowly losing steam. In 2012, she was No. 11 and is now No. 19.

20. Arianna
Arianna appeals to parents in every Malaysian community, which explains its popularity year after year. It comes from the Greek ari, meaning "most" and adnos, meaning "holy".

21. Iman
Iman, from the Arabic amana (belief), enjoys the distinction of being the only unisex name in our list, for the second year running.

22. Keisha
Another firm favourite, Keisha is a form of Keziayh, which is from the Hebrew meaning "cassia", which is the name of a spice tree.

23. Nurin
A fairly popular contemporary name, this is the first time Nurin has made our top names list.

24. Izzara
Izzara has been patiently climbing up the ranks in the last few years and finally manages to break through this year.

25. Siti
Siti is another Malay classic brought to the fore by the trend for retro names. Like Puteri and Nor, it is also a popular first name in double- and triple-name combinations.

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