Monday, December 2, 2013

Top Malaysian Boys' Names 2013

1. Mohamed
Mohamed has been the most popular name for baby boys year after year. It is also the most popular first name in double- or triple-name combinations. In Muslim-majority Malaysia, it is unlikely that the name of the Prophet will ever be toppled off its top spot

2. Adam
A multicultural favourite, Adam is a popular name in every ethnic community in Malaysia. Little wonder it has consistently stayed in the top five since our first list in 2009.

3. Ahmad
Ahmad, which means "praised" or "commendable", has been ranked in BabyCenter Malaysia's list of popular names since 2010. This retro favourite is often combined with a more modern moniker in a double-name combination.

4. Zikri
Zikri has been making steady gains over the years and finally becomes a top contender this year, leaping into the top five from No. 9 in 2012 and No. 10 in 2011.

5. Rayyan
This is actually Rayyan's lowest ranking since 2010! The name, which means "gate of heaven" in Arabic, is a firm favourite amongst Malaysia's Muslim parents.
6. Danish
Danish, a name of Indian origin meaning "clever" and "merciful", has also consistently ranked in our list of favourite baby names.

7. Haziq
Haziq is one of the few survivors of the Q-names trend, which peaked in 2012. Meaning "skillful" and "intelligent", the name holds its seventh place this year, too.

8. Aqil
Aqil also survived the decline of Q-names, and even improved on its 15th spot in last year's rankings.

9. Umar
Umar came back strong this year, after only making it to No. 17 in our 2012 list.

10. Daniel
Another multicultural favourite, Daniel comes from the Hebrew Daniyyel, meaning "God is my judge".

11. Mikhail
In the past two years, Mikhail has appeared as a favorite baby name amongst Muslim parents in Malaysia who are probably thinking of the Arabic rather than Russian version of the name Michael.

12. Ashraff
With meanings like "benevolent", "kind", "honourable" and "distinguished", it is no wonder that the name Ashraff has surged in popularity in the past two years. Could it possibly be that celebrity Ashraff Sinclair also put the name in the minds of Malaysian parents?

13. Aryan
Aryan, which means "noble", enjoyed a big jump in popularity this year. In 2012, it had only managed to claim the last spot in the top 25.

14. Khalish
After playing up-and-comer for a couple of years, Khalish finally makes his first appearance in BabyCenter Malaysia's list of most popular names.

15. Amar
Amar is another newcomer in our list. In Punjabi, it means "the immortal one".

16. Irfan
Irfan, which means "knowledgeable", peaked at No. 9 in our 2011 list; dropped to No. 10 in 2012, and now falls further to No. 16.

17. Yusuf
Yusuf rides the retro name trend to finally break through the top 25.

18. Thaqif
Thaqif is another name that has steadily gained popularity in the last few years. Finally, he makes it to the list this year.

19. Aidan
Aidan was a top name in 2010 and 2011, but just missed out on a spot in our 2012 list. Welcome back!

20. ImanIman, from the Arabic "amana" (belief), enjoys the distinction of being the only unisex name in our list, for the second year running.

21. Imran
Imran has always been a popular name, which is why we're surprised it took this long for the name to make to it to this list. Welcome!

22. Farish
Farish, a newcomer to our top 25, is most likely a Malaysian adaptation of the Arabic Faris, which means "knight".

23. Harris
This is Harris's third appearance in our top names list, probably because it is popular amongst parents in various ethnic communities.

24. Amsyar
Amsyar is a name that has enjoyed both ups and downs. In 2011, it barely made the list at No. 25; jumped to No. 13 in 2012, and is now down again near bottom.

25. Aish
Aish made his first appearance last year, and proves he's no one hit wonder.

Sumber: Babycentre


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